Below is an overview of the project location. 

Anticipated Construction Schedule:

- Investigative Work: December 2016 to January 2017

- Begin Major Construction: February 2017

- Construction 24 hours/7 days

- Construction anticipated to be completed end of 2017 (3 months +/-) 

The project will run from McGavock Pike to Elm Hill Pike, from Old Elm Hill Pike to Old Donelson Pike, from Old Donelson Pike to Nodyne Drive, from Nodyne Drive to Donelson Pike, and from Donelson Pike to near Lebanon Road. 

The project continues along Lebanon Road from Donelson Pike to Central Pike. 

Project Overview:

​- 11,850 feet (2 1/4 miles) of 60 Inch Restraint Joint Ductile Iron Pipe (Blue Line)

​- 13,400 feet (2 1/2 miles) of 36 Inch Restraint Joint Ductile Iron Pipe (Red Line) 

Project Location

Cumberland City Low Transmission Water Main Improvements

Project Info

Traffic Control 

​- Work zones will limit traffic to one lane in both directions on Elm Hill Pike and Donelson Pike.

- Work zones on Lebanon Pike will follow the plans below.

- Police officers will be utilized for traffic control.